Radio Procedures

Radio procedures for all those radio amateurs listening in on the GRAND TRAVERSE EXPEDITION frequencies...

Awesome donation!


Crossroads received an awesome donation from the A.F.M. church Harrismith for the Grand Traverse/Community Health Evangelism project. Pastor Charl Kalamer donated a modular hydroponic vegetable tunnel on behalf of the Harrismith congregation. The tunnel will be used as part of a training centre where people in the community will be trained to sustain themselves and their family by gardening and farming on a small scale. Hope to publish the full article with photo's soon.

Thank you Harrismith for your generous contribution, we hope to use this gift to the full glory of God.

N.A.L.O launched


Crossroads and Ed-U-College school launches an exiting program for grade 8 and grade 9 learners in 2011. The program is largely based on Coyote mentoring as outlined in the book Coyote's guide by Young, Haas and McGown.

Volunteer from Holland

Bart is a volunteer from Holland, working with Crossroads on the NALO program, and also working with the CHE program in Puthaditjaba. You can follow Bart's Blog on 

To read more about Bart, click on the heading to go to the main article.

The Crossroads Creed

I am a teacher by profession, a leader by choice and a servant at heart.
The great outdoors as my classroom and adventure as my pen,
I will write onto the hearts and into the minds of those I teach.
I accept God as the ultimate commander of my life.
I acknowledge His Spirit as the definitive compass on my journey.
I cherish His Word as the crucial map to my destiny.
I will lead from the front, always, with example beyond reproach.
I will guard the safety of those that put their trust in me.
I will count the needs of those I guide, above my own.
I respect all leadership, enabling me, to also be respected as a leader.
I value life, enabling me to live and explore life's greatest intricacies.
I have reverence for all creation, enabling me to preserve and built.
Much has been entrusted to me, and to much I will answer one day.
I am the keeper of hearts,
I am the guardian of minds,
I am a custodian of life itself...
To some, this may seem a burden; to me this is a way of life.
Johan Leslie.